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Here We Go

By Pat Green
?1995 Dead Horse Music (BMI)
Now up and at'em here we go I'm off again to the rodeo, and I've sure got a lotta little things on my mind, One is a song I just started writing, another is a girl I just finished fighting, she said it was me but Lord I just don't believe her, and if you want to know where I'm a coming from, just sit right here and I'll tell you son, this life I lead ain't as wonderful as it appears.


Here I go again just singin in this dive,
Lone Star Beer in my cereal is keepin' me alive,
I gave up on Nashville along time ago,
Yeah but here I go Lord once again here I go.

Now I don't need to be too rich, I'm just an old hard-headed sonuvabitch,
With my eyes still set on the glory days, Back in the times of the Dukes of Hazard,
Listening to Willie and old Merle Haggard,
And smiling just a little as I poked along in my truck,
Now there's a lot of poor folks in my situation,
With years of heartache and frustration,
Just kinda watching their dreams turn into years


Let me tell you folks it don't really matter ,
That beer you're drinkin' never made you fatter,
It's all those nights on the couch with the Shiner Bock Beer,
After twelve years with Copenhagen,
I've finally found that I was mistaken,
It's not going to be something to add some years to my life,
And that's why I'm still dipping today ,
And every morning I hear moma say,
That shit is gonna kill you if the women don't get you first.


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