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Hold You Down

Let me hold you down
Down, Down
Let me hold you down
Down, Down

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Uugh uugh
Aye girl why you wear that dress tonight ?
I swear to god it got you looking right (swag)
It's not a problem i can spend the night
It's up to you i can make the flight (swag)
I did you wrong but we can make it right
Don't be scared babe, i dont bite
I call you babe just to be polite
And if you tell me yes then it's a green light
I kiss your body and lick you with ice
I perform you with no stage fright
You say you love me and it's all right
I love you to from the first sight (baby)
My tongue in your mouth like a cavity (aye)
Baby hold me down like gravity (aye)
When we're together it's a masterpiece
But when we're apart it's a tragedy soulja!


[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Babygirl she said she just graduated from vegas
Private jet to Orlando and let us see my acres
She used to be his but i had to take her
Now we courtside watchin the heat play the lakers
Whatever goes up (up) must go down (down)
That's why we in the situation that we here now
Meet me at the altar, girl in your wedding gowns
You can be my queen come and get your crown
Let's turn Atlanta, Georgia into a ghost town
Just me and you standing on the roof
Looking in your eyes telling you nun but the truth
You got a lot of girfriends but they ain't you
They can't play apart or they can't fit your shoe
Ya heard rumors about me but they ain't true
I run my fingers through your hair just like shampoo
I take your first name and go get it tattoo'd


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