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holy calamafuck

The law defier, the non-complier, the death defier
The Mike Myers, murder rapper for hire
Do-er of drive byers, the back back clack clackLet it loose murder, all witnesses and survivors
That`s a job completer, dependable contractor
The "backhand wack rap" slapper
Mr. Leather Bomber Taker, catch ya getting off the escalator
Run the Jewels smooth and don`t trigger the undertaker
Ayy, as a teen lackin`, I woulda ran me a supreme racket
I woulda took these lames` Supreme jackets
Until you rob a hype beast, you ain`t seen sadness
"Clockwork Orange" madness, left the scene laughin`

Ayy, we forever-ever, Jaimito y Michael the Render
The pyrotechnicrats, the ol` razzle dazzlers
The magic bean imbibers (yes)
The green giant of the rhyme contrivers (yes)
Supreme violence of the time describers (yes)
I`m the decider, you evil eyers
A pile driver provider for liars, the sleep depriver
The nick of time mercy kill denier in prime
I`ll kill the mood of a Buddhist MacGyver
I`ll slap a yapper from the acne to the tooth bone fiber, I`m liver
Thought crime designer criminal minder
And I`m a born and bred in USA who chop and screw truth up
Think I got a case of the Mondays, on (fire!)

Ayo, one for mayhem, two for mischief
Now aim for the drones in your zoning district
Hindenburg `em, get `em, burn `em
Can`t give the ghost up, no resistance
Pass that shit, Mike, I have to insist it
Reality sucks dick, how`s that for wisdom?
I`ll lick a toad`s back like, "mmm, delicious"
Time elves wave to me off in the distance (hello?)
Hey lil` guy, I`m just walkin` through
From another timeline where monsters eat truth
Physicists say the dough I get`s proof
The multiverse lives, I`m supposed to just lose
The glass bottom tank I drive is all fueled
Gotta try to stay cool, honey bunny, don`t move
Fuck shit glows in the hearts of the brutes
You hate Run The Jewels, you don`t love the troops
You miss the point tryna act like shit`s cool
Don`t fuckin` tell doom your number`s not due
Every other goddamned year I`m brand new
It`s been 20 plus years, you think that`s a clue
Maybe this guy kinda kills what he do?
He`s prolly that dude, he left enough proof
Plenty of these goofs disappeared, poof
I`m still the next big thing, gotta hurt, oof, I got

More fire!
More fire! (li-li-li-lights, lights!)
More fire!
More fire! (li-li-li-lights!)

I got extra payback, allow me to state that
All that forth back, we don`t play that
You want beef, bruh, you just state that
And we steak that, fry and bake that
One time in the big ol` south
Lived a lil` chubby kid with a big ol` mouth
Lame writers gave him big ol` doubts
Now the same lil` boy in a big ol` house
Look at him now in the big ol` cars
And the same folk hated pay big homage
One minute let me be candid
Used to stand by the garbage can hand to handin`
That dumb trap shit, no proper planning
Seen ignorant shit like geekers dancing
And rappers rap about it like it`s so romantic
But I still can`t seem to escape the panic
PTSD, streets did the damage
Kept me in hammock, laid back with cannons
Get me fucked up, it be`s calamity
I`ma come through and leave some damages
Goddamn somebody call amberlamps
Or ambulances out of chances
Fuck that weak shit, you be bantering
You`re a common cold and my flows are cancerous

(I got)
More fire!
More fire! (li-li-li-lights, lights!)
More fire!
More fire! (li-li-li-lights!)
(I got)

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