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Hood Ratz

[Verse 1: Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
The sun goes down, and I crept out the cemetery
Lookin' for hood rat hoes, like this bitch Mary
Known to fuck, known to suck
Every nigga that I know done been in the guts
But when it came to me, she wanted to front
Said my gear was dirty and smelled of dead funk
She probably woulda kept talkin', if I let her
But I slapped her in the mouth and put my dick in for pleasure
Then she started actin' erotic, and got excited
Story done changed and in the pussy I'm invited
She wanted me to tag the pussy, wax the pussy
Go down south, hold up bitch, get the fuck out!
(You ain't famous, bitch!) And if so, I don't give a fuck
I stay real with dirty hoes and love to get my dick a suck
Don't get it flipped ho, you's a hood rat
Only good for fuckin' and suckin' cause it's like that

Bitch, you's a hood rat (I'M JUST TRYIN' TO FUCK!)
Do it like a rat (FACE DOWN, ASS UP!)
Chicken head, dirty ass, no good trick
Hood rat bitch, you can (SUCK THIS DICK!)

[Verse 2: Anybody Killa]
Old school rhymes bring back teenage memories
Like when I was datin' Betty and fuckin' Denise
Or drinkin' Sisco in the park with some hoes after dark
Play hide and go get it like a sport
But things change, fuck Sisco, fuck the park
We want more from the bitches wit a brand new car
Semen swallowers, orgasm hollowers
Hit it from the back chronic sack, smokin' girls with mad dollars

[Verse 3: Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
Now it's a whole new day, different story
Ran into a bitch named Tracy and her cousin Tori
They was walkin' and they needed a ride
Pulled up to the curb and they both got inside
Cracked open the 4-0, then I took a sip
Now which one of y'all bitches suckin' my dick?
Then they knew the time, cause they down for the benefit
Hood rat hoes, pussy always warm and wet


[Verse 4: Anybody Killa]
Every day in the neighborhood, it's a hood rat fest
Joggin' pants and house shoes with they hair a mess
Hoochie mamas causin' drama like a 9 to 5
(You's my baby daddy, J!) Bitch, that kid ain't mine!
I was strollin' to the liquor sto', one day
Smokin' on a big fuckin', fat J
Seen a chicken head comin', my way
It was a toss up, had this killa straight up amazed
It was a good day, never had to take the 9 off safety
Every feind that I seen was glad to pay me
5-0 ridin' by wavin' high
Without the bright lights from the ghetto bird in the sky
Today's the first time I ever seen the hood could look fine
Get this, weedman sellin' twenties for dimes
Oooh! perfect future in my dead crazy past
Dirty gangsta money gets you dirty gangsta ass!

[Hook x2]

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