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Hot Toddy (Remix)

Ft Jay-Z & Lil Kim

They call me King Hov... Copy?
They call me King Hov... Copy?
They call me King Hov... Copy?

[Usher - hook]
I'm like oh Kimosabe your body is my hobby
We freaking this ain't cheating as long as we tell nobody
Tell your girl she leaving I'll meet you in the lobby
I'm so cold yeah I need that hot toddy,
Hot toddy, hot toddy

I see you like it tough,
I hear you baby
Claiming you a bad b-tch
Show me baby
I'm a wild boy you tryna tame me baby
The way I get it from the house
Can you keep me faithful
Got a lot of girls
Got a lot of flava
That's why when I hit em they want me to return the favour
Yeah I hear what you sayin I hear you babe
You be with me to the point whereyou be screaming my name

That I'm tryna get your clothes off
From what I'm seeing you look so soft
Is your body what I'm going on?
Yeah I done had a lot of women that tell me what they do
But can you show me babe
Yeah you got me right


[Usher - Verse 2]
I'm a choosy lover
I pick em up
Talk a lot of, I hope it's good as you putting out
Yeah you fancy huh
I'm tryna pull you out
I see there's a lot of girls standing round
She say...

You think you're the best
And I only want the best
I'm tryna get you home and get your clothes off
Skeet skeet a couple off and then you dose off
You claiming it's better what if I took it off
Say you gon ride just don't fall off
Yeah I done had a lot of women that tell me what they can do
But can you show me babe
Yeah you got me like

My Queen, My Queen
My Queen, My Queen

[Lil Kim]
Kimmy's is a Bugatti's
She's a Maserati
That queen Hot Toddy
Don't compare me to nobody
They way I move my body like I'm doing Pilates
Fella's wanna touch (touch touch) my body
Come and touch my body, come make me your hobby
(Vroom) I'm riding his Kawasaki
He call me mami so I call him papi
I can be a girlie can you (?) like (?)
It's the God it's more than an artist
Got rich off my brains so that makes me the smartest
N-gga who dat, n-gga we dat
It's Kimmy Hov and Usher
(What a minute muthaf-cker)
Breaker breaker

They call me King Hov, copy? (como te llamas?)
They call me King Hov, copy?(como te llamas?)
They call me King Hov, copy? copy? copy?
They call me King Hov, copy?
Big ballin is my hobby
So much so they think I'm down with the illuminati
My watch do illuminate
My pockets are naughty
But I'm God body better ask somebody
I was born a God
I made myself a king
Which means I downgraded to a human being
You was born a Goddess I made you my queen
Which mean we upgraded to Louis the thirteen

Hot toddy her body like cognac
Her momma like earth tea
We birthed a couple of sacks
And as the teeth speaks I greet all in the tipi
We did it Indian style had the girls speaking
In tongue she like young you hung what you done done
Stop it fore you wake up my momma might (ahhhh)
And now that I've arrived it's time that you go...
I'm so cold I'm so cold...


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