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How You Been

(Leor, light it up)
(Oh, Hicks made this shit)

How you been, how you been my brother?
All alone where I been
I hope we thinkin' 'bout each other

[Verse 1]
It ain't even been that long, it feel like sixteen years
Been with me since my sixteen years
Seem to can't shed a tear
Since you been gone it been goin' down
World know I'm known to kill
It's been so hard for to live life, and that's the real
I'm like lil' Dave, how you been doing?
I been still in the gutter
I'm like lil' Tug, what you been doing?
I been still in the struggle
Lil' Jordan, you know how I be doing
Tell my grandma that I love her
Big Dump, you know I miss you
Hope you watching over your lil' brother
How I been, holdin' on, I know, know
You ain't here I'm still breathing aftРµr all I should be gone
Thankful that I'm still living, you know I just want you 'round

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