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I Am The Man

I am the man, I am the man, am the man
I am the man, I am the man, I am the man
Yeah, Up on this roof so let me introduce
Myself to all the haters that debate on what I do
Yeah, they in my face but I fade away and shoot
I beat up the basket that’s the way I do
Yeah, just like a bottle of vodka, I m absolute
The poof is in the product, I'm hotter, and that’s the truth
I squash the competition with the bottom of my shoe
The competition is none so what am I out to do
And I was worth it since they birth me
But now I’ve murdered these verses, put them in herses
Ate all the food on my plate, but I am thirsty
For more mics, The flashing lights, I learned it
And what I learned is the game ain’t for certain
So I live my life I ain’t worried
While I fly my high behind curtains,

I am the man, am the man X4

Down side hustlin came off from everything
Tripping in the apartment with a controled substance
Living with my momma, ‘till I got busted
Down on my dick, maybe start back hustlin
Motarcraft Working, signing alemon’ money
Six sale phone, distribute to junkies,
MacDonald got me trapped to the money
Turn a war on then i count to the hundreds

…. Down for the zombie
… for the junkie
Billie down man … ever since I was a youngie
Blue curly chain like it came from …
… calling jury like my name was Willy Wanker,
… to the club show tall like the tonker

I am the man, am the man X4

I am the man, making jumbo
Keep the game hot like a big pile of dumbo,
You dumb shit, but don’t be thinking that I’m dumb, bro’
Watch what you say, I hear it all like I’m Dumbo
Dumb, you say you wanna rumbo, is your dumb … ?
… … stumbo
Take your tough toe down to a (mambo)
It ain’t going down in my house like a trombo,
But it’s definitively an honor to let you … for the money
Like I’m a runner brother, brother I consider it a pleasure
To bring you down … measure, just for the (leasure)
(Leasure)? Oh shit, my bad, the leisure
For God who I was talking to like I got amnesia?
Damn, back on the track again, the mac is back again
Get the word out to them boys and tell’em I’m back in here

I am the man, am the man X4

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