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I Cant Let U Go

yo I'm sick of this man
I can't even take no more
'cause I hate the fact that I love you so much
And u know what I'm sayin'
U don't even understand what this is doin' to me
Everytime I try to get away
I just cant let U go
U know what I'm sayin' I just can"t let u go

Usher:(Verse 1)
I never ever wanna hurt ya
I just wanna love ya
I just wanna sex u up
I wanna give u everything u need
Thing u want
Just lay down and let me love ya all night long

It was beautiful when we first started

Usher: (Verse 2)
I don't want to leave u
I just wan't to keep u
When they saw me they saw u
Damn the world
It's just me and my girl
That's ho I felt
Every time I thought It was right
It went left

We used to love and party
Now all we do is argue
JD: What happened to all the good times
Usher: I tell myself I dont want u no more
but I can't let u go
JD: U see I can't let u go
Usher: So much love and hurt and hate
JD: I hate this
Usher: People screamin' it won't work
JD: I'm sick of all this s*** man
Usher: Time and Time I say I'm gonna leave
JD: See what I'm sayin'
Usher: But I can't let u go

Now u wanna be real insensitve and try to act kinda funny
U know what,man, U ain't even gotta wait 'till in the morning man
U can get out of here tonight
Hey yo Glen come back and grab her S*** and get her outta here

Usher: U aint gotta like me
But you're not gonna fight me
U can't walk away and say
Inever gave u everything ya want thing ya need
All we do is argue all night long
I dont wanna leave ya
See ya with another brother lovin' ya
Sayin' damn the world
It's me and my girl
It's how I feel when u think everything is real
but it really ain't


JD: (rap)
Got me
walkin' around ready to snap
Got me
Walkin' around lokkin' for somebody to slap
Got me
Goin' goin' wit no pause
Got me up in cardiac everyday just 'cause
Got me arguing about lil' stuff she dont call lil' stuff
It get a lil' rough we kiss and make up
She wanna say what she wanna
I don't play that
She wanna constantly bring up s*** from way back
got me thinkin' about her while I'm watchin' a flick
Got me dippin' through traffic tryin' toget home quick
Got me talkin' to myself I'm hatin' this
Got me wantin' to wild out like I'm Jadakiss
Got me in a Place I thught I'd never see
Got me not wantin' to stay but not wantin' to leave
Got me happy got me confused
Got me wishin' I could get it how I used to

Chorus (2X)

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