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I Could Not Plan This

[Verse: Witt Lowry]
Told me if we don't change then we don't go
They'll give us life, and we don't grow
They've got me thinking, "Am I really in control now?"
This whole town doesn't really feel like home now
My family been sayin', "Mark, you gotta slow it down"
Out on a date, she say, "You really on your phone? Wow."
I've been livin' through my phone now
I've been feelin' disconnected
Everyone around me, they would never get it
Do they love me cause I'm hurtin' or do they get the message?
Only love me when I'm workin' cause they want percentage
I remember late night, writin' here to tell you the truth
Back when I was too broke, servin' tables just to pay for a booth
When really, I had nothin' to lose

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