Babyface - I Don't Want to Know Lyrics

I Don't Want to Know

Written by babyface (1994)Performed by gladys knightGave you the bestBest years of my life and iGave you a womanWho stood by your sideThrough all your ups and downsYour rights and all your wrongsAnd God knows there were wrongsI should've been long gone, but when iMade you that promiseFor better or worse I said i'dStand by your sideI swallowed my prideAnd now you're asking me to understandAnd I'm telling you I can'tWhy should icare about your feelingsWhen you don't give a damn about mineAnd I don't want to knowI couldn't care less about your feelingsDon't you knowYou should've cared about mineAnd I don't want to knowIt really doesn't matter why you're leavin'You should knowYou're really throwin' away your lifeAnd I won't sympathizeYou've hurt me for the last timeGot no more tears to cry[I Don't Want to Know lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Gave you three heartsOne boy and one girl and aWoman who loves youWe're sittin' here falling apartAll through your ins and outsYour fears and all your doubtsAnd God knows there's been doubtsBut we've given you a home, and you're justThrowing it awayAll far for some girl born yesterdayAnd what about your childrenThere is nothing to explainBut still you're asking me to understandWell I'm telling you we can'tWhy should I care about your reasonsWhen you're walking right out of your livesHookSay goodbyeTo all the love and memoriesOne last time, one good look at all the loveThat won't be in your lifeSay goodbyeI hope that you'll be happyDon't look back, ''cause it'll be too lateI've gone with my lifeHook

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