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I Got Next

I got next
It's my time
I got next
To get mine
I got next
I'm on my grind
I got next
I'm gonna shine
I got next
It's my time
I got next
To get mine
I got next
And it don't matter
What they say
We gon' make it

[Verse 1]
This is for the little girls
That say "Nicki, you pretty."
When you come to the city
You don't act hassadiddy
You be all on the block
Or posted up in the drop
And everybody get a band
Whether you like it or not
But how you girls blow up
And don't come to the hood
How they turn their nose up
Like they don't come from the hood
Most of them be in sight
'Til it's time for picture
That's why everything
They write be a contradiction
I tell 'em I do it for the love
I do it for the hugs
I do it for the bugs
I do it for the thugs
I do it for the rich
I do it for the poor
I do it for the kid
That can't do no more


[Verse 2]
This is for my lil homies
That be asking for kisses
When I'm granting their wishes
They be passing they digits
Carry up on the block
Getting screwed by the cop
Cutting school, getting off
Whether they like it or not
They'll break in your dough
Might break in your joe
They'll bring back a lot
If you bring them an O
But what you really ain't know
They airborne for start
With the ball in the gutter
They can't turn no dodge
No matter the squadron
Lieutenant or sergent
Air force the army
Air force in army
Four teets is on 'em
No heat is on 'em
'Cause grandmama prayed
That he leave the corner


[Verse 3]
I remember when I lost
Everything in a fire
And now I got fire
23s on my tire
Shoutout to my brothers
Jelani and Micaiah
Thanks to the Messiah
My money getting higher
One time for my niggas
That be hugging the block
Two times for my niggas
That be ducking the cop
Three times for my girls
That pushing they own ride
Specially they own life
Bitches they don't like
Sometimes you get mad
When I blaze the gun
I see you without a man
May I raise your son
But look, when you blow up
Everybody gon' shut up
This goes out to everybody
On the come up


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