Babyface - I Honestly Love You Lyrics

I Honestly Love You

Written by peter allen, jeff barry (1974)Performed by olivia newton-johnMaybe I hang around hereA little more than I shouldWe both know I got somewhere else to goBut I've got something to tell youThat I never thought I wouldBut I believe you really ought to knowI love you, I honestly love youYou don't have to answerI see it in your eyesMaybe it was better left unsaidBut this is pure and simpleAnd you must realizeThat it's comin' from my heartAnd not my head[I Honestly Love You lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]HookI'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortableI'm not trying to make you anything at allBut this feeling doesn't come along everydayAnd you shouldn't blow the chanceWhen you've got the chance to sayHookIf we both were born in another place in timeThis moment might be ending in a kissBut there you are with yoursAnd here I am with mineSo I guess we'll just be leaving it at thisHookI honestly love youI honestly love you

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