I NEED U (Remix)

[Verse 1]
Yo my rhymes is cold weather that can camouflage a killer’s heart
Mixed two animals and made them one, guerilla sharp
Laurenovich, yeah niggas ain’t ill so
City really pretty still blow off on some real dough
I lived there, loved it though
Why the fuck you niggas think I got the fucking flow
Shining but we struggle so
Everything comes with a price, it’s never priceless
I ain’t into popping no pills you rolling diceless
We different, not guilty but I’m never innocent
Swinging like a pendulum but walk in the venison
Calling on the [?] seen us and they let us in
Thinking like I’m shit give these bitch niggas they medicine
Rookie of the year without no fear like I’m a veteran
Will I go and get it in then come back with my cheddar then
Scallions and medallions what we see is an instant yellow fin
Mac and cheese, still rocking for T’s over a yellow tin, Laurenovich

“Say, check it out. Check it out. His bitch ass nigga get on the motherfucking train today. I got my baby in the carriage and this nigga gon’ bump into my baby so I punched him in the stomach. This niga wants beef with me. So, I’m like what up? You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying? You want to step to a nigga with a baby? You pussy nigga, what’s the deal? I was like yo, come around the way, you know what I’m saying? I’ll leave the baby with the babysitter or whoever, you know I’m saying? And then you and me get it on.”

[Verse 2]
Wood grain dashes with some good friend glasses
The hood gave classes how to give a nigga slashes
Unknown info descend when I see caskets
Shout out to my niggas counting drug money and baskets
Liberal when I’m scribble but I’m thinking like a fascist
Challenging myself to try to get this money fastest
Expedient but covers the advancement, we chance it
Hold bitches hostage cause I’m handsome, it’s ransome
My anthem, the sound of the city after the lights off
Bagging and blowing hard blocks cause niggas lights off
Crews get removed shank the fish get skewed
Niggas rock silks to fill clips with gun food
Tops get removed and these chicks get nude
Break a nigga jaw, fuck the law get sued
I’m predictable, my team is 730 but they’ll flip for you
Wouldn’t be the man I am without them, can’t forget my crew, Laurenovich

“And then the motherfucker, you know what the nigga do? That nigga wait till I get off my stop to go pick up y motherfu**ing daughter and the motherfucker go - go call the police on me and tell them I punched him in the face, when I punched him in the motherfucking stomach and knock the fucking wind out of him. You know I’m saying? You know I tell the police - I say yow whatever you niggas wanna do. You niggas wanna lock me up? Whatever. You know I’m saying. Anybody, even if it was one of ya’ll niggas I woulda hit ya’ll niggas. I gotta take care of mine. Tell that nigga straight I was like yo man, I see you when I see you man. You know what I’m saying, don’t worry about it man. This shit is real small out here man. It’s real, real small out here man and we grown men. Don’t worry about it man. I know how to handle my business. Police is like no, you can’t talk like that. I was like, yo I ain’t say nothing wrong. I just told him I’ll see him and I invite him for coffee cause that’s what I told him. You know I mean?”

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