Waylon Jennings - I Recall A Gypsy Woman Lyrics

I Recall A Gypsy Woman

Verse 1:
Silver coins that jingle-jangle
Fancy shoes that dance in time
All the secrets of her dark eyes
The lady'd sing a gypsy rhyme
Yellow clover in tangled blossoms
In a meadow silky green
Where she held me to her bosom
Just a boy of seventeen

I recall a gypsy woman, silver spangles in her eyes
Ivory skin against the moonlight
And the taste of life's sweet wine

Verse 2:
Soft breezes blow from fragrant meadows
Stir the darkness in my mind
Oh gentle woman, you sleep beside me
And little know who haunts my mind
Gypsy lady, I hear your laughter
And the dances in my head
While my tender wife and babies
Slumber softly in their beds


Date Added: 1970-01-01
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