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I Stand Alone

Something very wrong in the night
Something very strange
You've been talking in your sleep
You've been calling someone else's name

Tell me what's this all about
(You said) we were only friends
I've heard that same old line before
Now it's much too late to make amends

You can be the first to know
I've had enough and now it's my time to go
Now and from this moment on
I stand alone

All is fair in love and war
You made that very, very clear
You'll have all the room you need
Just remember I was here

Let me be the first to say
Gonna make a change, this time it's my way
Darling from this moment on
I stand alone

Why did I keep holding on
After all the love was gone
Try to reach me, there'll be no reply
I wonder why
Agnetha Faltskog I Stand Alone

Date Added: 2007-12-28
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