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I Wanna Rock

I Wanna Rock Right Now , Songz Prolly Playin On Ya Block Right Now. I'm So Internationally Known , Catch Me At The London With Ya Girl Ya Home. Sound Like Mike Jack And If It's The Right Track , Then You Know I Might Jack, Til The CPR (Nod) , Never Get His Life Back. Colder THen A Ice Pack , Bark Ima Bite Back, Head Crack, Yeah Jack. Never Get The Dice Back , Bing Bank, Nah No Chevy Chase, Show A Lot Of Love But They Still Hate Levitate, Talk A Whole Lot Of Game But They Never Play! Bench Ridin, Since Idin,Been Startin, Beg Pardon , Nigga Never That! I Be Every Where That These Other Niggas Never At! Smell Like Cheese Walk Around With A Cheddar Pack. Oh My God Im Hard As A Metal Pack , Im So Hot Right Now. Imma Never Let Up Or Forgive Em' For The Time They Didnt Get Him, Cause The Number One Position I Got Right Now! Aint Because Of Nothin, Yeah They Love Em' Cause I Made It, If You Hate Em' Its Because Me Got Ya Girl On My Jock Right Now! Try And Critize My Style, Nigga Try And Buy My Style, Pricless , Like Life Is , No Purchase, Flow Perfect, (Whaaat?) Well Almost Niggas Say We All Dope, Cleaner Then A Bar Of Soap, Fresher Then Some ToothPaste, Real Niggas Recongize, Most Niggas Too Fake! Call Me Tell The Truth Trey, I Aint Never Lied Niggas Faker Than Toothpick, Whole Game Fiacso, Go And Ask Lupe! He Goin Say Tu'Shae, Life Like A Mov-ae, Watch Like Blu-Ray, Diamonds Shinin , Get It Nigga Blu-Ray! Whinin, Dinner, She Just Wanna Do Trey. Do You Know Who I Am Let Me Introduce Me, Which One Of Ya'll Goin Home With Triggaaaa! 5 6 Of Ya'll In The Car Go Figureee, Call Me Young Hov Cause It Aint No Nigga, Quick On The Job Cant Paint No Picture, Like I Can , Catch Me On The iCam , Ustreamin , You Seen It, You Dreamin , Me All Up Between It , Jodeci They Know It's Me That Always Be Feinin !

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