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Ice-t Lyrics
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Short Information
Ice-T|background solo_singer
Birth Name
Tracy Marrow
Ice T
Crenshaw, Los Angeles|Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California
Birth Date
16 February 1958
Birth Place
Newark, New Jersey
Hip hop music|Hip hop, Heavy metal music|heavy metal, hardcore punk, crossover thrash
Musician, actor, CEO, record producer, screenwriter, activist, author
Years Active
1982–2008 (rapping)
1984–present (acting)
Vocals, Sampler (musical instrument)|sampler, Turntablism|turntables
Sire Records|Sire/Warner Bros. Records
Rhyme Syndicate/Priority Records|Priority/EMI|EMI Records
Virgin Records|Virgin/EMI|EMI Records
Atomic Pop Records
Associated Acts
Afrika Islam, Body Count, Beastie Boys, Low Profile, Quincy Jones, Eazy-E, 2Pac, Donald D
Notable Instruments
Roland TR-808, E-mu SP-1200
Nicole 'Coco' Austin