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Yeah it's Big Fris, Frisco
And right now I gotta big up the mandem, ya dunknow
Ere what I'm saying yeah
Are you listening?

[Verse 1]

I roll tight so forget all that baggy shit
To all you MC's tryna buss with my style, go and see Jeremy Kyle
And he'll tell you who your true Daddy is
Me, the capital F the R, I, S, C
I'm overly show man know about me
I'll send MC's high in the sky for a fee
Kill him off make everybody see
Make everybody know that I'm picture perfect
I ain't talking the Kodak, I'm sick with the verses now you should know that
Here's a flow that's new, hold that
It's all jiggy, I bun zutes no Philly's
Strictly zuggys with herb in, anyting other than that ain't working
I'm married to the weed, no cheat, no flirting


(Man a badman, man a badman)
You get me darg?
(Man a badman, man a badman)
Yeah cuz
(Man a badman, man a badman)
And none of these yutes can't chat to me bad

[Verse 2]

Cause I'm a lyrical bender, suttin like Jendor
Fris I'm a big money sound investor
Got couple skengman friends in my ends
From West Green, Appleby to (?) and (?)
Big ting lick off your head like cider
Which little fassy said I ain't got lyrics?
I got bars, they got gimmicks
Why should I car 'bout this wasteman rhymer?
24/7 I'm an all day grinder
Light up a nigga no match no lighter
I'll send a man so high in the sky that he won't come down
And your friends won't find ya
Actually, man can't chat to me
Do a better tune than Skengman Mode and get back to me
Actually Frisco's a batchelor rhymer
I be the best since (?) weed grinder


(Man a badman, man a badman)
North London, South London
(Man a badman, man a badman)
East London, West London
And none of these yutes can't chat to me bad

[Verse 3]

Cause I'm a skeng and fan, you know who I am
Hail up the t'ugsdem locked in the can
Lyrically duppy any MC I can
If you see me in A double P that's a better thing
I'm an OG like Jendor and Melonyn
Prick on the road, Big Frisco's never been
I'm married to the game but I can't settle in
Dem man ain't levelling and they can say what they want, say what they like
They can say a lot of things but they can't say suck your mum Fris
Any violation that will get bun, quick
And dem man ain't on my level so why would I clash
I be like bun this, the game Boy Better Know run this
And so I gotta kill off a carbon copy cause there can only be one Fris
And another thing, if a guy thinks cause I'm (?) 5 that I can't get live on the mic
I will lyrically light up a guy
Any guy just name me a price I'll done them
Can name any MC i'll bun them
Back out a big sixteen and run them
And any one of these yute think they can take out Fris
Let a bigger man come then, come then, come then, come then
Come try a ting, I got the peng food come buy a ting
Big Fris I spit the heavyweight bars so it's nothing if a nigga want a lyrical swing
I'm like D Double, Fris when I write me no skin
None of the guys can tell me a thing, telling them straight up raise your game up
And dash them illiterate bars in the bin


(Man a badman, man a badman)
Birmingham to Manchester
(Man a badman, man a badman)
Nottingham, Luton to Leicester
(Man a badman, man a badman)
And none of these yutes can't chat to me bad

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