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Impressed By Me

Clear all my systems
You shout like the bitter old man
One handsome mister
Presidents, preachers
We all do wrong
A celebration
To those who always let things pass
I will support you
What of your sorrow and pain
'cause I got it before

You're making me hang my head so low
You should be impressed by me
All the things that I've done and see how I try
I want to drown in your flattery
You're making me hold my head so low

To all my brothers
Annoying alarm clock wants to wake us up
And don't you hit me
(A drunk to spy on till I've gone too far)
A celebration
To those who will let things go wrong
I will support you
And what of your sorrow and pain
'cause I got it before


And my knees are already aching
Shaking like never before
I think that you can do better
C'mon do I look like a fool?


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