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Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, was born on 18 October, 1986, in Mangalia, Romania. Blessed with singing talent, she had been singing from a very early age.
Apostoleanu spent her childhood in the Romanian village Neptun. After graduating from high school, she started studying at Constanta University.
At October 12, 2008 Apostoleanu's first single Hot was released. This dance song immediately gained a #1 chart spot in eight different countries, only to continue this success in 2009 in rest of the world.

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Short Information
Years Active
Birth Name
Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu
Birth Date
16 October 1986
[[Mangalia]], [[Romania]]
Neptun, Romania {{flagicon|Romania}}
Electronic Dance Music|Electronic Dance, Electropop, Eurodance, House music|House
Singer-songwriter|singer-songwriter, Dancer|dancer
Roton, Ultra Records|Ultra, Universal Music Group|UMG, Spinnin' Records, All Around the World Productions|AATW], Do It Yourself Music Group
Associated Acts
Play & Win, Bob Taylor, Flo Rida, Juan Magan