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Into The Blue

Some facts you were born to win
But I know I`ve had my doubts within
Always wondered whether
This was the one forever
But you could always free
The better side of me
And when you tell me that everything's alright
You can lift my heart
And I fly away into the blue
When you kiss me like you do
I never feel earthbound with you
When you kiss me like you do
Sky high, when I look into your eyes
And baby when you kiss me like you do
We`ve played some dangerous games
But somehow I know there`s been a change
You say you know me better
I`ve felt us pull together
I hope you`ll always be
The one who`s guiding me
And when I feel close beside into me
You can lift my heart
We both ask for nothing
But we have so much to give
And we`ll fly away
Chorus 2x

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