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Intro (RBB)

Trapaholik mixtapes
Its going down mane, ain't gon' talk too much mane
I know niggas don't like talking and shit mane, they wanna hear that music
So I'm gon' say it like this right here my nigga ya know what I'm sayin'
This mothafucka jammin' like a mothafucka
You know what I'm saying, Trapaholiks mane
Juicy J, Lex Luger, the mixtape Rubbaband Business mane
Ya know what I'm sayin', get yo lighter
Get yo mothafuckin' weed
Get yo mothafuckin' blunts
Get yo mothafuckin' weed papers
Get yo mothafuckin' bitches together
Get yo mothafuckin' pills
Get everything you need to get
To keep yo ass so mothafuckin' fucked up while you listening to this mothafuckin' mixtape
Get that shit, put that shit in yo system
And just play this bitch nigga
Shut the fuck up, its going down, biotch
Lex Luger, Juicy J
Mixtape, know what I'm talking bout
All they usually do is talk shit
Tell y'all nigs what it is
Y'all listen to this shit
God damn get high, get drunk, get fucked up
Sip lean, smoke weed, whatever
And play that shit

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