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Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoaWhoa, whoa-whoa-whoa

From out the streets, became a millionaire
I know niggas started in the trap, and they still there
`Member I was robbin`, I bought jewelry and I still wear it
Came a long way with all my niggas, and they still here

My big bro behind bars, for like 200 years
I got that call, I lost my dawg, and I don`t know how to feel
Gotta stay on savage time, you know it`s war time
I remember I ain`t used to leave the house without my .45
I ain`t got no time
`Member Pappy had the Mackie at the stop sign
Shit was too, too real

I got my Glock, and laid `em down, nigga, you knew the deal
That`s why I moved to the Hills, and I`m new to it
`Cause I ain`t sure why my dawg had to make the news reel
Got promethazine in my eyes, I`m cryin` purple tears
The streets left me cold-hearted, they hurt me still

Uh, and that`s why I`m on tour, that`s why my house a resort
That`s why I got the four by four
I remember when I was low, tryna trap in front of the store
Hop fences on the police, from handcuffs to Rollies
These hoes didn`t know a nigga, now she claim she know me

I been counting` up the bag, yeah, yeah
I get the low on the bag, I`m fuckin` up yams
I go get the birdie, birdie, nigga, I need some hens
Thirty before thirty, I been settin` trends
Hop on the Forbes, I hop on the Forbes, I hop on the Forbes
I been countin` millions every time I bored
Spend your whole budget in the designer store
Walk inside my closet, it`s designer galore
Bad bitch give me ya-ya in an Aventador

Bad bitch give me ne-e-e-e-e-e-e-eck
Flooded my wrist, it`s wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet
I`m boutta pack up the whole house, put it inside this suitcase
Put my dick inside her mouth like it`s Crest toothpaste
Yeah, she gave me head, like a toupée, huh
Got 20 hoes, they all my roommates, huh
Ten in the bed, ten in the pool bed

I need some bread, been trappin` for two days
If he rockin` with the opps, we gotta wet the block
Got my Glock in the Dior, but I got on Gucci socks
Drip too hard, you can`t ride this wave
Put my baby mama and my mom in a Bentayga

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