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It Feels Alright

Oh how it shows the summer times
Are coming to a close and all the while
It drapes around like its not getting colder
I wonder all about I feel like im pinned under a boulder

And the biggest steepest slope in skies
Are getting more terrible as nights go by
Oh nights go by loves pass by
Oh boy why don’t you follow leaves lead and make the autumn your time

To fall in love to do something

So that all the colors in spring will bring you joy like they should

And I go because It feels like home
And if no one will come ill just go alone
So happily but devastatingly
I feel like an owl flying across the highway at night
And how does that feel well

It feels alright
Its feels alright hum
It feels alright ohh
It feels alright

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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