Daughn Gibson - It Wants Everything Lyrics

It Wants Everything

Get that man a new suit
It aint rich enough
It aint fat enough
It aint glad enough
Give the kid a new school
It aint tall enough
And it crawled to much
Took a bath to much
I assume it wants everything
But I don't need somebody telling me that
They hope I'm satisfied
Take a mouth off a tooth
It don't smile enough
It don't zip enough
It just hurts enough
Give the earth my news
Try the awful stuff
Get em all worked up
Lay it on a cop

You only got a couple years left
If you don't like it at all
Next time you can be corner baby
It's a good time
A flick of the switch
Next time you can be a corner baby
I know how it feels to give your wills away
A twitch in the frame you're life is the same to me

Date Added: 2015-05-08
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