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J. Holiday doesn't pull any punches when he offers his take on the current state of R&B. Rhythm and Blues is lacking storytellers right now, insists the candid 22-year-old singer/songwriter. Holiday then pauses, name checks the late legendary singer Otis Redding as if to show his soul credentials and asks, Where's our generations' Sitting on the Dock of the Bay?' Lately, it seems hip-hop has been birthing all of the great storytellers. It's time to show that R&B is way more than just dance music. That's what I'm trying to convey with my music. I won't settle for less.

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Short Information
J. Holiday
Birth Name
Nahum Grymes
Birth Date
29 November 1984
contemporary R&B|R&B, hip hop music|hip hop
Singer, songwriter
Years Active
Capitol Records, Music Line Group (2006-2010)