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To get ahead in the music business today you have to be more than just one dimensional. You need to be able to check off a long list of attributes when hoping to make an impact and thankfully J Lewis can do just that. And it isn't just skills in the studio this aura of talent oozes, he gets what this industry is all about. Hailing from Dallas, Texas and a signee of the mighty Interscope we give you J Lewis.

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J. Lewis Lyrics
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Short Information
J. Lewis
Birth Name
J. Lewis
Dallas, Texas
2-step garage
acoustic music|acoustic
Vocals, piano, guitar, Keyboard instrument|keyboard
Singer-songwriter, record producer, Choregrapher, musician
Blackground, Interscope
Associated Acts
Nasri (singer/songwriter)#Songwriter|Nasri, Flo Rida, Tim & Bob, Adonis Shropshire, Oak (producer)|Oak