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Jesus And Austria

Call the neighbor's 'cos it's half past ten
I'm a fiery gal looking out for my man
Gotta tell you I got nothing left
My toes are frozen but I love this town to death

I just can't remember mouth shapes
Or the way that your eyes
Stab at that empty space

Hold my hand and I will hold you up
I got lots of pills and I like to eat them up
A stranger told me I'm hist one true love
A night full of fingers,
Jesus, and Austria

What's the use of trying to find us
If you know damn well
You're just gonna give this up

Well you can take your teeth
And can I, mister, please?
Well you can take your teeth, yeah?
And can I, mister, please?
Well you don't
You slug, you slug, you priest

I said no you don't
You slug, you slug,
You priest, you priest, you priest

You're contagious and I got no light
You showed me constellations in the grass one night
I would smile but I got no cash
I like an empty bottle
And a Jesus on my dash

I just can't remember your movements
Just sometimes I feel
Like this is all there is

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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