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Me and gang kick shit like karate
In the club tats on my body
Walking round traps with the shotty
In my trap house serving molly
Me and gang kick shit like karate
Tatted up ink on my body
Walking round the trap with the shotty
Standing in the trap serving molly

[Verse 1]

Me and gang fuck hoes then we pass 'em
Flying on the E way in the Aston
Run up on Soulja know I'm blastin
Me and the gang bout action
Me and gang kick shit like Nintendo
Draco blow a hundred through the window
AP on my wrist with the extendo
Smoking on dope with my kinfolks
Me and gang pull up and get to dumpin
Hundred thousand on a Cuban that's nothin
I was nothin now I turned into somethin
Started from the bottom came up from nothin


[Verse 2]

In the mall shopping I want Gucci
Take a nigga bitch nigga sue me
She sucking on my dick don't want the coochie
I spent 'bout 50 thousand up in Louis
All this gold on me like a pharaoh
Shoot the draco like it was a bow and arrow
I'm balling so hard they can't stop me
I spent about a hundred and they jocked me
Burberry on my shirt I look too cool
Riding round the town with like 2 tools
Buss down on my wrist everything new
When we slide on yo block and we come through


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