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Keep Riding Me

[Verse 1]
There's something about you and I don't know why
I can't think straight when I look into your eyes
You know how to play it right, yeah, you took me by surprise
The way you talk, it sounds like it's another long night
Yeah, your mustache tickles my nut sack, baby
You know that's fine with me
You said you wanna cover my face with love, so maybe
I'll find out and see
So throw it back, yeah, just like that
You know just how to do it, that ass is fat
Yeah, we can go fast, we can take it slow
Got you clawin' my back, I'm your little ho

He spreads my cheeks and he makes me scream
He's my number one daddy, gotta make him cream inside of me
Just keep riding me
Whеn I'm slurping him down, it's my favorite sound
You let out a little moan, what a bеautiful tone
So softly, just keep riding me

[Verse 2]
So let's go talk about it

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