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Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kenny Loggins was born in Everett, WA, and moved to Los Angeles in his teens. He got a job as a staff writer and wrote four songs used on a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album in 1970, among them the hit "House at Pooh Corner." This brought him to the attention of former Poco member Jim Messina, now a staff producer at CBS, who intended to produce Loggins' debut album. The two ended up in a duo, however, and Loggins & Messina made a series of successful albums during the '70s.

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Short Information
Kenny Loggins
Birth Name
Kenneth Clark Loggins
Birth Date
7 January 1948
Birth Place
Everett, Washington, United States
Rock music|Rock, soft rock
Years Active
{{marriage|Eva Ein|1978|1990}} (divorced)
{{marriage|Julia Cooper|1992|2004}} (divorced)
Columbia Records|Columbia, Mercury Records|Mercury
Associated Acts
Loggins and Messina, USA for Africa, Michael McDonald (singer)|Michael McDonald, Blue Sky Riders
Notable Instruments
Taylor Guitars