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Kid Rock (born Robert James Ritchie on January 17, 1971), is an American singer-songwriter and rapper with five Grammy Award nominations. Kid Rock is known for music that incorporates elements of hip hop, rap metal, blues-rock, hard rock, southern rock, funk and country music. Kid Rock released several studio albums that mostly went unnoticed before his 1998 record Devil Without a Cause, released with Atlantic Records, sold 11 million albums behind the hits, "Bawitdaba","Cowboy," and "Only God Knows Why".

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Short Information
Kid Rock
Birth Name
Robert James Ritchie
Birth Date
17 January 1971
Birth Place
Romeo, Michigan, U.S.
Rock music|Rock, hip hop music|hip hop, heavy metal music|heavy metal, country music|country, southern rock, blues
Musician, Songwriter, Actor
Years Active
Associated Acts
Uncle Kracker, Joe C., Champtown, Yelawolf, Lynyrd Skynyrd, R. Kelly, Sheryl Crow
Atlantic Records|Atlantic, Jive Records|Jive, Top Dog