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Let It Go

[Produced by J-Money]

Baby girl
Oh baby
Alright, alright

[Verse 1]
Two drinks turned to exchanging numbers
And we fell in love and that was it
Had a nigga caught up in your love
Even left them hoes alone, so I could be your man
I gave up everything, don't think you knew it
I even put a ring on it after one year
Cause I thought I had to prove it
Then we fought and we fussed and we cussed
'Til you were back in my arms
Don't really know when we lost our trust
I guess it faded over time
Didn't get to learn how to be friends
Our love was doomed from the beginning
We're both afraid it's the end
And maybe we just gotta let it go

Let it go
Girl before it drives us crazy
Let it go, let it go (Yeah)
I know it's so hard to let it go
Let it go, let it go (Gotta let it go)
Girl before this shit starts to drive us (crazy)
You gon' always be my (baby)
We just gotta let it go, let it go
The sun will come up in the morning when we
Let it go, let it go
Facebook and Twitter ain't gon' understand us
Let it go, let it go (They don't understand)
Gotta do it right now before it drives us so (crazy)
You are my baby, forever my baby

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