Babyface - Let No One Separate Us Lyrics

Let No One Separate Us

Written by babyface, l.a. reid, dee bristol (1987)Performed by the deeleHoney I never felt likeI had someone to rely onUntil that day you cameAnd you made my life completeAnd you should know I love you soHoney you never felt likeYou had someone you could count onUntil that day we metAnd you put your trust in meAnd let me know that you won't let goLet no man separate usLet no one come between our loveLet no man separate us[Let No One Separate Us lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]We're sharing our love foreverDarling, it doesn't seem likeWe've been together for so longAin't it funny how time fliesWhen we're having funWell girl, the fun has just begunJust a little bit of wine by candlelightTo celebrate our love, ooh babyLet's be thankfulThat we've kept our love so strongLet's make a vow to carry onHook 2 timesHook 3 times

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