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Letter to Omnipotent, Pt. 2

S to the A. Coalition. Hundred proof. A lot of shit on my mind, man. Yeah. This shit ain’t getting no better, fam. Damn…

[Verse 1]
Yo, I don’t think that y’all ready
For me and the kid from the Five Deadly
Think back hard and ask God, “Why Jerry?
Why couldn’t it been one of them that I buried?”
I do the next ten, stretchin’ the law library
Yo, I’mma chill ‘cause I’m startin’ to feel my eye blurry
And I remember you told me never to cry, Jerry
Anyway, you down here. Your nation rock [durry?]
Listen, they brother Mike just robbed Marbury
I hundred-fifty G piece, they pawned it already
Cop bricks and flood it from the Bronx to [?]
Life change—niggas dying over dice games
Ice change—you would think that Christ came
And took all of his people and left
The rest of us sinners to suffer, get drugged addicted and wallow in death
Some police shot Diallo to death
Sometimes, I sit and wonder how many of my tomorrows is left

Damn, man… It’s fucked up out here, man. Just, man… I don’t even know what to say no more, man. Trying to make this shit right, man. Yo, Omnipotent…

[Verse 2]
I still think about y’all niggas each day of the week
Every day, it seem to get harder to stay in the street
I’m so used to just spraying the heat
But now, when the kid front, I got ta hold my head, control my temper
I know what I’m supposed to remember
And I heard Big’ll be home some time close to December
I can’t wait for y’all to see how much noise that I’m making
Without a major label—even signed niggas is hating
But they can’t make the rhymes that I’m making
I remember what you said, Omnipotent. Nigga, “Timing is errything.”
Niggas gon’ recognize who the best in the---Eh!
I almost forgot (yo, I’ll tell you). I got arrested again
Ayo, the D’s was duck huntin’, locked me for robbery
When I ain’t stuck nothin’. Came with cop and arraignment
Told ‘em, “Suck somethin’.” They hit me with a smack or two
Gave me a black and blue. Frontin’ when your hands in back of you
You know how crackers do. But, oh well
Stripped me and threw me inside a cold cell
I’m in the corner, shivering, thinking how I can post bail
You know the game—when you get locked, nobody on your block true
Ma’s pockets is burning and I don’t fuck with pop dukes
Now I’mma cop loot. I’mma have to go to shock group
If not, I’ll be wiling up in Attica, yelling, “Hot soup!”
They gon’ force me to lose it
This shit I’ve been falsely accused with
Do with the crime—I divorced it for music
I rap, nig…

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