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Lights Out

It was just another morning
Groundhog Day
Sonny and Cher on the alarm clock way
He opened his eyes
And stared at the mug only a son's mother could love plus
Mommy missed ten years of aging
Uncut facial hair and gained weight
Who's to say she'd still see her baby
If she was around to stare at that face
He stared at it once, daily
Which made his thoughts escape sane
But he kept them between his temples
It was hard, trying to control the head full of shorts
That rode when he didn't wanna watch them
He was sick of the soda, poppin' popcorn
But they played over and over
Over and over
Over and over and out
Off his mind they bounced
Allowing him to climb back in
Until the next film started
Which caused him to fall back down like Mike Douglas
Wearing black rims
But he didn't have swing for a bat
He was better off quiet
A talkie? He was better off not
He reached for his toothbrush
Squarded some paste on the bristles and scrubbed
His teeth for a minute
Fresh like Prince
Wiped his mouth with the towel
Looked at his face once more
Saluted the boy in the mirror
In case I don't see you tomorrow
Lights out

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