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Little Secrets

I feel like a candle standing in the pouring rainYou told me you loved me daddy and that you`d show me how muchBut there`s these feelings I can`t understand when you touchRobbed of my innocence, I`m so lost and confusedFrightened by the thought of you, coming to take me againDisturbed with my life I`m ready to quitI wish you could see my pain and miserySworn to silence, our little secretsWhat has possessed you to do this to me ?Daddy, I`m hurting can`t you seeYou`re a stranger to me, your love I never feltSworn to silence, our little secretsI`m so ashamed of what I see every time I look in the mirrorI can`t believe it ... oh no, believe what you`ve done to meI`ll never be the same, I`m so tired of all your heartless gamesYou`ve hurt me, you`ve hurt me, you`ve hurt meFifteen years later my heart still bleedsI`m longing for the day in which I`ll finally have peaceYou`re a stranger to me, you`re love I never feltSworn to silence, our little secrets
Sacred Warrior Little Secrets

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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