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living single

You`ll always be a part of me
I`m part of you indefinitely
Ooh, you`re never gonna shake meOoh, darling, `cause you`ll always be my baby

And we`ll linger on
Time can`t erase a feelin` this strong
Ooh, boy, you`re never gonna shake me
Ooh, darlin`, `cause you`ll always be my
Ooh, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah

(Feel bad for that shit)

.44 on me like Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Dressed like a housewife, I`m a bad husband
Keep the fears tucked in (Ah)
Champagne for the pain and sufferin`
Fans same color as voice of Tim Duncan (Wassup)
All these niggas screamin`, "Gang," scared to get jumpin`
Nigga them pistols on yo `Gram s`posed to be tucked in
Chill, watch and observe, Peggy don`t say nothin` (Yeah)
Let `em stay frontin`

Swish, only floaters, wiser, older (Bah)
Sendin` signals to the weirdos, I`m a young smolder
Keep it calm `cause the skully fit right over my shoulder
I love her, but I can`t even hold her (Word)

Tell my baby, "Lie to me," I`m her ayatollah
I`m a hoe, put my whole head in the chocha (Facts)
Little bank that the big bank never noticed
Check my BMI, lil` bitch, I am the sole owner (Uh-huh)

I need royalties, not loyalties, to fill my quota (Gimme that)
They avoiding me, I`m poised to be a rap shogun
Tweet about me all day, you can`t be focused
Baby, focus on yourself, `cause I don`t know you
Dark skinned and givin` out work, I feel like Kelly Rowland
I don`t need no therapy, beats give me consolin`
I`m gaggin`, they still think they know me

It`s nasty

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