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Lost Sight

Bridge (X4)- "Love is blind", "Strong feelings on my mind"

Adrenaline rush, with every single touch that's performed
Still our feelings were at opposite sides, wish I was warned
In the first place...Diffrent perspectives are now deformed
By the first taste...Of simple rejection, my heart is torn
In places that you would never think of, even ignore
And still add to the storm while the chicken heads swarm
Around the center...Where I've been placed for the attention
And entertainment to others, but still I forget to mention
That my heart is broken, eternal bleeding starts to drown the lover
And tells me to stop judging books by the cover
Instead hear the sound, cause I know the fat lady sang
It's preventing me to attach that one Yin to my Yang
Then my feelings change, plus my only wish
Is to leave the sea of love to avoid the other fish
But yo' it doesn't matter, that my heart will stay shattred
Now it's time for me to face the next batter...Batter's up

* Hook * (X2)
D-sisive Lost Sight

Date Added: 2007-12-30
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