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Love Is A Cowboy

[Verse 1]
Rough around the edges, stops you in your tracks
Wrecks you in the worst way when it looks like that
Knocks you off the horse but it keeps you comin' back
Love is a cowboy, mm-mm

[Verse 2]
You can wrap your arms around it but you can't make it stay
All the bad ones say they're the good and all the good ones ride way
A little El Dorado and a little bit John Wayne
Love is a cowboy, mm-mm
Makes your heart feel like wild horses in your chest
Trying to catch, it's like tryna tame a wild, wild west
And when I'm with him, it's like ropin' the wind
Love is a cowboy, mm-mm

[Verse 3]
Take your dancin' in that neon, leaving you cryin' in it too
Yeah, gets ya drunk like whiskey and highРµr than the moon
So when you get that feelin', hold on to your boots

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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