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Mac Miller is a rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is also known for his work in The Ill Spoken group. The Frick Park Market Songfacts reports that Miller is a self-taught musician, who plays piano, guitar and the drums as well as rapping. In 2009, he released his mixtape The High Life as well as his own preview album, The Jukebox, which is the predecessor to his upcoming Class Clown album.

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Mac Miller Lyrics
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Short Information
Mac Miller
Most Dope, Easy Mac
Birth Name
Malcolm McCormick
Birth Date
19 January 1992
Birth Place
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hip hop music|Hip hop, Pop music|pop, electro hop, Comedy music|comedy
Rapper, Record producer|producer, Acting|actor, Songwriting|songwriter
Years Active
2007 – present
Rostrum Records
Associated Acts
Donelo, Wiz Khalifa, Beedie (rapper)|Beedie, The Ill Spoken, I.D. Labs