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Make It Go Up

A few more mollies and I make it go up
A few more bottles and I make it go up
A few more bitches and I make it go up
Jay got it crackin so make it go up
Go! make it go up[x4]
Make it go up
Go! make it go up[x3]

[Verse 1:]
Make it go up, yo bitch chose up
Niggas stay watchin but we like so what
We do donuts in front d club then come in d club an make it go up
Cup after cup blunt after blunt, bitches bring bitches, big butt after butt
Ma niggas in dis bitch geeked up no glasses, we all about d paper no plastic
Hoes see dese young niggas turnt so they askin
Fresh all d time they be thinkin how we passive
Stuntin like magic, ta-da, voilà
Can’t fuck a dime bitch cause I’m all about d dolla
Twenty hoes folla, they all thirst no wata!
She all d V.I.P off Ciroc, all dat money, make a broke bitch hoe up
Start throwin it, an make a bitch go up (ha!)


[Verse 2:]
I don’t wanna be old (I don’t wanna be old)
Wanna live forever (wanna live forever)
But we all go cold, so we on one
I fuck wit Miley (Miley), I fuck wit Mary Jane (Jane)
D homies on d cane pullin up in d Range
Yea we out stupid (stupid) thicker than thick (eh)
Chain big like shrine you ain’t fuckin wit ma clique
Yea it’s like ba bang, but I’m Cali swaggin
Got molly, got swishes, got bitches, got magnets
Ma niggas is crazy you know we got action
You trippin an I’m trippin nigga we can get it crackin
I be on ma bullshit, on fly shit, on d Glock nigga wit d shotty in ma closet
I like shoe boxes (boxes), not deposits
An I’m a real nigga bitch make dat pussy get to poppin


[Verse 3:]
We on d top floor so I make her go up
D money on the floor so d potion go up
There’s hoes ova here, who hope you show up
When I step inside d party all d bitches go nuts
She heard ma song an it made her go up
Chokin on ma dick an it made her throw up
I said wash yo hands then I made her roll up
Hey bitch if you cheap you won’t feel like so-sapp
Red bottom, red dress, lookin devilish
I come through too fresh like a peppermint
I need pussy scary hoes aren’t relevant
Tell em kick rocks, keep pushin, keep pedallin
She said her name Evelyn, suck like a peppermint
Tell her to jacket ain’t talkin bout leather man
She eat dat shit gladly, bitch called me daddy
Said she in Chelsea man she get nasty


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