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Maria Viktoria Mena (b. 1986) is a Norwegian pop-rock singer-songwriter. Born on 19th February 1986, when Mena was thirteen years old she moved to live with her musician father. She sang and wrote lyrics as a form of therapy for her feelings and frustrations. Not all the stories in her diary became songs, but "My Lullaby" was one of them, expressing her pain from her parents' divorce. After pleading with her father to make a demo, he contacted some industry experts to record Maria's songs in the studio.

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Short Information
Maria Mena
Birth Name
Maria Viktoria Mena
Birth Date
19 February 1986
Birth Place
Oslo, Norway
Paul Fariss
Alternative rock, Pop music|pop, Folk music|folk-pop, alt-country
Years Active
Sony Music|Sony Music Norway, Columbia Records|Columbia