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Marillion are a rock band formed in Aylesbury, England . Their 30-year career is marked by two distinctive phases; the early years fronted by Fish which saw their greatest commercial success, and much longer period fronted by Steve Hogarth in which the band have constantly re-invented themselves so as to continue to be relevant into the 21st century. The Fish era is often categorized as neo-progressive.

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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Progressive rock, neo-progressive rock, alternative rock, pop rock, acoustic rock
EMI Records|EMI, Capitol Records|Capitol, Castle Communications|Castle, Racket Records (Intact), IRS Records|IRS, Caroline Records|Caroline, Sanctuary Records|Sanctuary, E1 Music|Velvel/Koch, Edel Music|Edel, Liberty Records|Liberty, Pony Canyon
Associated Acts
Fish (singer)|Fish, Steve Hogarth, How We Live, The Europeans (band)|The Europeans, Steve Rothery|The Wishing Tree, Arena (band)|Arena, Iris (British/French band)|Iris, Ian Mosley & Ben Castle, Transatlantic (band)|Transatlantic, Kino (UK rock band)|Kino
Years Active
Current Members
Steve Rothery
Mark Kelly (keyboardist)|Mark Kelly
Pete Trewavas
Ian Mosley
Steve Hogarth
Past Members
Mick Pointer
Brian Jelliman
Doug Irvine
Fish (singer)|Fish (Derek Dick)
Diz Minnett
Andy Ward (musician)|Andy Ward
John Marter
Jonathan Mover