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Maroon 5 is a Grammy Award-winning American pop rock band. Formed in Los Angeles, United States, the group comprises five members: Adam Levine (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), James Valentine (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jesse Carmichael (keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Mickey Madden (bass guitar), and Matt Flynn (drums, percussion). Songfacts reports that their 2011 single, Moves Like Jagger, topped the American charts and sold over a million copies in just over 20 weeks in the UK, despite failing to top the chart there.

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New video: Maroon 5 - One More Night
27 Jun 2012 12:52:01 UTC
Music video for "One More Night Lyrics" was released by Maroon 5 in Moneday. The song is second single from Maroon 5's fourth alb read more

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Maroon 5 Lyrics
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Short Information
Maroon 5
Kara's Flowers
Pop rock, funk rock, alternative rock
Years Active
1989–1998 (as Kara's Flowers)
2000–present (as Maroon 5)
A&M/Octone Records|A&M/Octone
Associated Acts
Phantom Planet, Operation Aloha (album)|Operation Aloha, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Mac Miller, Julian Pollitt
Current Members
Adam Levine
Jesse Carmichael
Michael Madden (musician)|Michael Madden
James Valentine (musician)|James Valentine
Matt Flynn (musician)|Matt Flynn
Past Members
Ryan Dusick