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Mash Up The Party

Right now its a big money link up
All eyes on me big bruv
You know me
I get more H-E-A-D
Than your mumsies wig does
Champagnes on me drink up
At the bar straight shots of avacardi
Nahh let me mash up the party
Hardy anybody standing still
Mandem in tha corner burning zoots
And the bouncers are clocking
But the vibes so nice
Theres no way that were stopping
So just..
Pass the mic let me mash up the party
Say one lyric and just mash up the party
And if you try interrupt my side
Mandem will switch and lock off the party
I come through like 'what is he on'
When I say that bar its a par for the party
I love everyone jumping side to side
Like say I was teaching Karate
There loving these bars the promoter know
Am don-ning his dances
Fam I didn't come to clash
But if an mc's gassed am doning his car
Donning man laugh
Ahhaa ha ha
You don't wanna see me
Yeah I said
Your no edit
Big duty stinking frisc and derek
Niggas wanna clock the link
And try bred it
Dead it
F up the party
But after its done
I don't wanna see no paramedic
We don't just mash up the rave we F it

Mashup The Party

Sway sway
The music industry is messing with a spoilt brat
If they ain't playing ball am taking my ball back
These rappers talk whack
Meaning they talk cash
But there money come up short
'cos they kind of talk that
You had an album release my brother brought that
Something like my album release because it got brought back
And they don't want to with the team
Nah brought that
'cos I got something in my draw that will sort that
Yeah you know dcypha is in the party
Its me plus three
But twenty five get in the party
But touch anyone of our peeps
And even hose get sprayed
Like a fires in a party
You rappers don't wanna make my hit list
I will have people on the roof like a big dish
They don't want it with any other team
Am rolling with big fris
Sharks in this ting
Them other rappers are just fish

Mashup The Party

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