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Metaphysical Electric

Silently flew awayAway from sun, moon and big dismayAway from earth and all the stupid peopleAway from thoughts and evilAway from fruitless triesAway from all the feeble liesRound and round repeating in your headHaunting memories nauseating your heartRemembering the creeping pain of lossPutting on a false smileTrying to be happy man you're notRemembering the creeping pain of lossSilently flew awaywith the memory of a reckoning dayAll life you have run from failureLooked in every corner for a friendly saviourthat could save just one day and make your pain go awayBlessed are the sick, blessed are we[Solo: Vestergaard]Silently flew away against the metaphysical spectureAgainst a causa sui godyou believe will make you completely electric
Aurora Metaphysical Electric

Date Added: 2007-12-20
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