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Mickey Factz, a Bronx, NY native, has proven that music, the internet and marketing go hand in hand. He aims to create a sound that brings back the art of Hip Hop. Since Dropping out of NYU Law School to pursue music, he has successfully created a following in the US and overseas by releasing six mixtapes, including 2007's critically acclaimed Heaven's Fallout.

In the four short years since making the decision to leave his studies for a career in music, Factz has performed around the world and has worked with numerous artists including Drake, B.

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Short Information
Mickey Factz
Birth Name
Mickey Williams Jr.
Birth Date
13 July 1985
Bronx, NY
Hip hop music|Hip hop, Alternative rock|alternative, Electronic music|electronic
GFC New York/Conglomerate Records/Battery Records (hip hop)|Battery Records/Jive Records|Jive
rapping|Rapper, record producer|Producer, Songwriter, Singer
Years Active