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Money I Get

[Chorus] [x2]
I got broken down I got brooks
Oil under my wrist
All this money I get
All these hoes on my dick
All that matters for a clips

[Verse 1:]
Fuck all the actions
Let’s just get some shadows
It’s Alexander Mclean
Eight hundred cash for my sweater
Long sleeves up ‘em arms
Consider this you been warned
I’m in these streets and I’m deep
This music ain’t got me toned
All I’m beating is pussies
You niggas know who I’m worth
I got keys, I got cookies
You niggas know all my worth
Whoever pass the block
Most of the times they just laugh
I could go dollar for dollar
Or go an eye for an eye
You can’t see me at all
And I’m on tv you know
I’m a stand up nigga
I’m always being a star
And I’m still shitting on you haters
I’m doing things they can’t believe is done


[Verse 2:]
Woke up in the morning
Man it’s time to get it
Fifty thousand one day
A nigga whipping
Catch me in that four whip I drop the ceilings
I be getting gas man
A nigga getting, uh
Catch me in the streets beef yea I kill it
Off the top, drop the top
None of you niggas hear
Hear my niggas in the city and we going crazy
I just cop the Audi Coupe and the new Mercedes
Got the Bentley [?] and i’m going swurve
I be smoking on kush, billion pounds a pearl
Shout out to my NY nigga BSB
I pull out with the squad, with me now is SOD
Thirty thousand on my ring and the Cuban link
Put four hundred thousand dollars in the rolex please
A lot of money on my name
Man you know that’s me
Pull up to the club walking in the VIP
Me and troy make it rain
It’s all about the money man
It’s not a thing
Man I’m in the kitchen whipping it’s a hurricane
Little Soulja Boy ride on that [?]


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