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More Than Life

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
I fill my lungs 'cause my heart's made of concrete
I looked to God, even he doesn't want me
I grind my teeth in my sleep 'cause of bad dreams
Try to live my life, but this ecstasy's inside me
Damn, I can't wake up happy
I just took a knife to the strings that attach me
Every day's passing, everyone's laughing
J.F.K., they might find my brains in the backseat

[Pre-Chorus: Machine Gun Kelly]
I'm trying my best not to open up my heart
It's been torn apart too many times
[Chorus: Machine Gun Kelly]
But without you I'd die, and I don't wanna die
Not today, not tomorrow, not tonight, I don't wanna die
I need you, I need you more than life
More than life, more than life, more than life

[Interlude: glaive]
Sorry, shit didn't work out, like (glaive)

[Verse 2: glaive]
She's a pretty little liar, overanalyzer
I fell in love with you and I don't mind it
But I know, baby, this won't go how we expected
But when I told you that I f*ckin' love you, shit, I meant it
She's doin' coke in a bathroom, when did I ask you?
Stuck in a bad mood, slipped and I passed you
f*ck, I'm a bad dude, guess you're attached to me
Yeah, I guess you're attached to me

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Date Added: 2022-07-04
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